Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Shoes

So I've Kind of told myself that I wouldn't buy anything new unless I really, really needed it. And then I went shopping with my mom today and came across these amazing heels.
I've been looking for a pair of winter strappy heels to wear with tights & thick socks.

I love these because they've got a little bit of velvet on them - different than the other bandage heels I've seen around. Plus, they're super comfortable, so I'm hoping to get lots of use out of them. I've been wearing my heeled oxfords nearly every day to class, and I'm thinking these will be a good pair to throw into the mix.

Shoes: BCBG
Bracelets: some H&M, some thrifted
Gold Scarf: Gap
Pearls: Forever 21
Watch: Fossil (Dad's)


  1. love your new shoes! i wish i could wear those, unfortunately it is getting pretty chilly over here..


  2. wow!
    amazing shoes, love it!!

    thnx for your comment!


  3. those shoes are great! i really like the velvet straps, they add a different texture and make them stand out!

  4. I like the shoes! They are a great find. If you are interested in getting some of the Maggie Ward silk pants I wore on my blog you can check out and they are listed under her name. They come in other colors besides black too =) Thanks for leaving me such a sweet comment. I am following you now =)

  5. cute and I love the elegant jewelry all around them too =)