Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Lately I've been surfing Etsy to find the perfect necklace made with typewriter keys. In my head, I'm picturing a giant bib necklace made with an entire set, just a typewriter keyboard on your chest (at this point, I'm going to search for my own keys and make one!) I also like the idea of one spelling out "DIAMOND" in a loose choker...

Anyway, even though I'm on a budget and not really buying anything right now, I wanted to post my favorite typewriter jewelry finds. There are some really amazing creations (as always...)

I found this one at Reworkd - she has SO many pieces that I absolutely love that I need to start saving so I can get one in time for my New Year's trip. This watch necklace is absolutely my favorite - I love the death imagery, especially the skull & crossbones charm (which I'm totally into right now)

This next piece is by Metalembellisher. I am SO loving the plate that the charms are hanging from. Even though this necklace only has the one typewriter feature, I really like the juxtaposition of "love," "secret," and "shift"

I don't run, but I'm a big fan of typewriters and I'm a big fan of jewelry made out of antique flatware. So.... I present to you a wonderful combination of both, courtesy of Jennifer Perez Designs. Such a winner, especially with the double chain (you can't see it much in the photo, but it's there!)

Ok. Now, obviously this isn't a necklace, but the second I saw it I thought it would be an adorably amazing way to propose - a ring with a question mark built right in! Of course... a diamond would need to follow :-)

Finally, while this is neither a necklace nor made of typewriter keys, I think this is one of the most amazing rings I've ever seen. The gears of the antique watch make such a great texture, and the screws look like little jewels. I think I'm in love.
(both rings by Keys and Memories)


  1. Oh lovely! I am so terrible with jewellery - I love it but always lose it so never want to spend much on it. These are beautiful.

    Thanks for visiting my blog by the way!

    xxx L

  2. these are great finds! i love typewriter jewelry too (though i don't own any- time to remedy that!). `joelle