Thursday, October 22, 2009

Falling in Waterfalls

Today it was another unseasonably warm day in the midwest, so I wanted to stick with layers (again, freezing in the morning but 70 by the afternoon)

I bought this dress on the super clearance rack at Target - for good reason... There's absolutely NO way to wear it without something underneath it - it's so sheer, I'd almost think it was supposed to be a slip!

My friend Jess makes thee BEAUTIFUL square scarves out of a super thick yarn with a really loose weave. They're pretty big (about 18"x18") and each has an antique button or pin as a fastener. They're meant to be folded however you want, and I'm not so great with mine - this morning when I put it on, it had a really cool high-collared look, but that kind of wilted into a big mess by the end of the day. The colors are really rich and the yarn is fabulous. She's not up on Etsy yet, but check out her facebook group HERE - everything is completely customizable and she makes them super fast (and ships!)

yummy grilled spinach & cheese sandwich on 7-grain bread for lunch :-)

Dress: Target
Top: Express
Tights: H&M
Scarf: Say It Ain't Sew (custom)
Shoes: Thrifted


  1. Ooooh Lauren.. I would have never thought of the Burgandy with bright yellow, but you've done it so well! Everything just pops!!

  2. i'm in love with the colors in this outfit! (and i'm also a little bit in love with that sandwich)
    your friend makes gorgeous scarfs! :)

    - jen

  3. I totally agree with the above comment. I'm sort of in love with this outfit! :)

  4. I looove that the burgundy scarf is pinned with an antique looking button. And I agree, burgundy and bright yellow look great together, I should definetly try that someday.

  5. Hi!

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog! :)

    Your scarf is beautiful and this outfit is adorable. I love your blog so much- you are a wonderful inspiration.

    Following you!