Wednesday, June 16, 2010

tuesday market

Every Tuesday there's an outdoor market on Fountain Square... I'd never been, and I was super excited to look around at the booths - local artists, organic farmers... all the best stuff was there!

jewelry made by Joyce Signs and Barb Stonebraker of JoyStone Jewelry - their pieces are absolutely gorgeous. If you're in the Cincinnati area on a Tuesday afternoon, you should stop by their booth!

shirtdress: H&M
cropped tights: HUE
shoes: TOMS

Monday, June 14, 2010


The quality of the pictures still isn't great - I'm crossing my fingers that after my first paycheck next week I'll be able to take my good camera to the shop to be fixed... if not, I'm going to have to save up for a replacement...

The office in the museum where I intern is REALLY cold, so I'm always trying to wear something bright but still kind of warm.  This outfit is a thick jersey dress from H&M under an AMAZING sequined skirt I found in the back of my closet when I moved back home...

The skirt is all primary colors accented with silver sequins, and the print is an old-fashioned train station. I wish I could remember where I got it! I've definitely had it since high school, but I have no memory of buying it or ever wearing it... I guess it'll be a mystery! The tag says "Papillon Los Angeles," which is the same brand as a dress I love... but it still doesn't help any!

dress: H&M
skirt: mystery purchase by Papillon
shoes: forever 21

Friday, June 11, 2010


it is HOT HOT HOT in Cincinnati right now... in between my TWO jobs (a summer internship at the Contemporary Art Center and a permanent job at the local Nordstrom) I was able to meet up with my friend Arielle for a few quick snapshots and an iced coffee...

my absolute FAVORITE summer cardigan (confession: i wear it in the winter, too...) - I got it at Anthropologie right before I went away to college FIVE years ago... I think I maybe wore it once until my junior year, but ever since then I've been wearing it with everything. The appliques are getting loose and it's getting a little dingy, but I'm hoping to get it fixed up a little sometime soon...

New dress, bought with my new discount... I really love the lacy detail

OMG sparkly gold TOMS... when they catch the sun, they're absolutely blinding. Super comfortable, but definitely not for the faint of heart (also purchased with my new discount...)

Arielle, my lovely photographer...

cardigan: moth for anthropologie
dress: soprano for nordstrom
shoes: TOMS
sunnies: men's dept. in urban outfitters

Thursday, June 10, 2010

poppies will put them to sleep...

soooo... a quick word about my new layout...

poppies are my favorite flower by a longshot. it sucks that you never see poppies in flower arrangements, because if they were easy to keep in vases, my room would be full of them all the time.

they're so delicate and papery, and fields of poppies look so gorgeous with the orangey red up against the green of the stems and the blue of the sky. i first fell in love with poppies as a tiny, tiny girl watching The Wizard of Oz - I always wanted to go curl up in that poppy field and fall asleep (not realizing how morbid that scene kind of was...).  it was compounded by my first trip to europe, where my family took a train through the countryside and we flew through field after field of beautiful poppies in france...

someday, if i ever get married, i'm going to find a way to have a bouquet of poppies. then, if i have a daughter, i bet you can guess what my first choice of names would be...

when i move out of my parents' house, i want to have a whole wall of poppy prints - here are some of my favorites...

red poppy: georgia o'keefe

poppies: jean picton

red poppy abstract: margaret little

boys, take note: never send me roses, always send me poppies

scratch that, reverse it...

soooo just kidding. i opened up my inbox today to find a wonderful notification from blogger about it's update template editing tool - i was able to customize WAYYYY more than i was before (which is great, because we all know i don't like to follow the crowd)

anyway, i'm going to try to get this whole blogging thing rolling FOR REAL, in a legit way. i have a friend helping me out with customizing the layout even more - i'm not going to give anything away, but hopefully in the next month or so i'll be all logo-ed out.

tomorrow is my first style "shoot" (and by shoot i mean my lovely photographer friend arielle, a digital camera, and embarrassing myself on a street downtown) in... MONTHS - i've got some great new goodies to show off.

also, i've JUST started working in the shoe department at a local Nordstrom as an in-between while i rack up arts admin experience interning at the Contemporary Art Center. in all likelihood i'm going to be living with my parents FOREVER since i'm surrounded by beautiful shoes all day long... i guess this summer will be an exercise in budgeting...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


soooo i've decided to start blogging again... only... i'm not coming back to blogger (at least not for now)

i've decided to take tumblr for a spin... we'll see how long this lasts, so i may be back shortly if i can't figure out how tumblr works... yikes!

come visit me! ahhh!