Thursday, June 10, 2010

scratch that, reverse it...

soooo just kidding. i opened up my inbox today to find a wonderful notification from blogger about it's update template editing tool - i was able to customize WAYYYY more than i was before (which is great, because we all know i don't like to follow the crowd)

anyway, i'm going to try to get this whole blogging thing rolling FOR REAL, in a legit way. i have a friend helping me out with customizing the layout even more - i'm not going to give anything away, but hopefully in the next month or so i'll be all logo-ed out.

tomorrow is my first style "shoot" (and by shoot i mean my lovely photographer friend arielle, a digital camera, and embarrassing myself on a street downtown) in... MONTHS - i've got some great new goodies to show off.

also, i've JUST started working in the shoe department at a local Nordstrom as an in-between while i rack up arts admin experience interning at the Contemporary Art Center. in all likelihood i'm going to be living with my parents FOREVER since i'm surrounded by beautiful shoes all day long... i guess this summer will be an exercise in budgeting...


  1. Hip Hip Hooray! I love your "new" blog and can't wait to see what your logo will look like!

  2. Oh girl i just saw the picture of your hair and the cute cute CUTE shoes. I LOVE Toms! But your hair is freakin cute. You ROCK the short curls. Mine is JUST now coming in again and let me say it is sure takin its sweet ass time this time. Anyways, LOVE it!