Sunday, October 18, 2009

Around Ludlow

I had a couple friends visiting from Cleveland, so we stopped down to Ludlow/Clifton and CCM's library. I LOVE this sweater that I'm wearing, and just recently decided to wear it OVER dresses as opposed to with pants or skirts (it's slightly cropped, so it always rides up with the pants & skirts)

You can sort of see that it has crystal buttons down the back - probably my favorite part of the sweater!

Dancing Girl fountain - I wanted to get in and dance with her, but her pedestal wasn't big enough for me to stand on it as well!

This leather jacket is one of my favorite/most expensive articles of clothing. I bought it while I was living in Florence two summers ago, and spent a TON of euros on it. Totally worth the money, though.

Does anyone else have amazing investment pieces that ALMOST didn't seem worth it at the time?

Sweater: Anthropologie
Dress (underneath): American Apparel
Tights: H&M
Jacket: Moda Italia (handmade in Florence)
Scarf: handmade by my little brother
Purse: thrifted, Coach
Shoes: Urban Outfitters


  1. Lovely looks, darling ~ am especially smitten with that first sweater!


  2. i love that jacket, its stunning :) xo LC :)

  3. Oh I love how the buttons are on the back on tht sweater!

  4. oh wow! that sweater is gorgeous, and you are brilliant for pairing it with dresses to avoid the "ride up" factor. you give me such good ideas, and you look smashing :)

  5. love it! the adorable sweater, the leather jacket, it all!!

  6. i wish i invested in some items! the jacket is lovely and i kinda think that's why i might need to invest in! such a good piece!

  7. I love the scarf/leather jacket combo. Looks great!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!!!

  8. I loove the looks!! The sweater is so pretty!!

  9. You are so cute! Love this look.

  10. ahhh i'm in love with your second look there. the scarf looks so cozy and the colors complement each other so well. :)
    - jen

  11. Gorgeous floral sweater! I love Anthropologie. You look great!

  12. Those navy tights are so great with this look!

  13. You are gorgeous! I love your style, especially how you styled the shirt in the first pic. Thanks for the lovely blog comment :)

  14. I love your leather jacket! I have a fake one that I got really cheap in a charity shop, but I'm still waiting to find the 'perfect one' that I'll invest in.