Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Suburban Cowgirl

I picked up these fantastic vintage leather & snakeskin boots at Universe of Clothes near NYU. I've been looking for the perfect pair of cowboy boots for YEARS - preferably vintage, because I think there's something unnatural about shiny new cowboy boots. I spotted these in the window, and dismissed them at first because the store tag said they were a size 7.5 (I'm an 8.5 at the smallest). The salesgirl was super nice, and brought out TONS of boots for me to try on from the storage room. However, none of them were quite right, so on a whim I stuck these on. They're a little tight, but I think after a few days of wear, the leather will stretch into perfection.

the stitching detail is what attracted me at first - feminine and subtle...

I think the snakeskin adds an exotic element that's not too crazy - I'm not a big fan of really "out there" cowboy boots... Plus, these hardly have ANY wear on them. Either someone took super good care of them, or they've hardly ever been used... I can't wait to start adding them to outfits and seeing what I can come up with...


  1. oh my god those boots are fantastic! i really love the exotic snake skin element as well. can't wait to see how you wear them :)

  2. I love the embossed details on the boots. What a great find!!