Thursday, January 28, 2010

Shoulder Pads

I purchased my first sweater with shoulder pads yesterday... I need to replace them because they're too small, the sleeve keeps slipping under the pad & making me look deformed, but otherwise I LOVE the look. This sweater has a little bit of a military feel with the gold buttons and the shape around the bottom, but I really like that it's a cardigan and not a jacket. You can't really see, but under the gold buttons there's black lace. I'm really happy with it!

Military Cardigan: Forever 21
Tank: American Eagle
Black Jeans: Express
Boots: Steven, Steve Madden


  1. I am seriously LOVING everything about this outfit! I never would have guessed that sweater was from f21! I just love those jeans and boots too!

  2. i love that cardigan! the whole outfit is super cute!

  3. Ooohhhh, that cardigan is fresh! I love how the shoulder pads are so modern. It's an awesome look.