Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Relax (Don't Do It)

I'd been spoiled by the warmish weather we've been having & woke up absolutely freezing this morning! I dragged myself out of bed and didn't make it much further than my futon before I curled back up & turned on the TV instead of being motivated and working on my thesis before class like I'd planned...

The clothes I put on for the day are barely more than PJs - my little brother's old flannel, my Frankie tee, and some new HUE black denim leggings (I refuse to call them jeggings...)

My hair's getting long enough that I can style it a little - I tried a faux-hawk today & I think it looked pretty awesome. I'm kind of loving it!

This is also my faaaavorite mug. I always drink my coffee out of it in the morning & my tea out of it at night

I wish I'd had more time to do what Frankie says... too bad I have about 40 more pages to write in the next two weeks...

Flannel: American Eagle
Frankie Tee: Target
Leggings: HUE
Socks: Men's dept at Macys (men's socks are always so much warmer than women's!)
Monogrammed Mug: Anthropologie

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  1. I must get that Tshirt- and read it daily even on days I am not wearing it. Very cute.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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