Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Grandma's Goodies

My mom's mom has always been super-stylish (she was voted Best-Dressed when she graduated from high school in 1950), and I'm always wishing she'd pass on some of her old costume jewelry or accessories. When I was in high school, she brought over her prom dress, and I was devastated when it was clear that I'd NEVER fit into it. I'm 5'8", and my grandma is 5'2" at the most. That's never going to work.

However, my dad's mom grew up in a tiny, tiny town in northern Ohio - on a farm no less! So, imagine my excitement a few months ago when she sends me an AMAZING handmade, hand-embroidered dress that my great-grandmother made for her in high school -- AND that it fits me perfectly! Pictures from my photo shoot back in May will be up soon (I recently stumbled upon them on my mom's camera) -- you'll get to see what my hair looked like pre-chemo, as well!

Anyway, these things accompanied the dress - I recently took them out of the freezer (placed there to ensure that any mothballs or other wool-loving critters disappeared) and was thrilled to find that the gloves fit me like, well, a glove! They'll be the perfect compliment to my favorite green scarf this winter! My grandma also told me that she has pins for the hat somewhere, and as soon as she finds them, she'll send them to me. I hope she can find them, because I'm thinking the little black hat will look lovely with a piece of lace when my hair grows out to a pixie length!

The jewelry comes from a jewelry box she sent me YEARS ago, when I was little. It was full of vintage costume jewelry, and I'm ashamed to say I didn't appreciate it for what it was worth at the time. These are the only pieces I can currently find, and I wear them all the time (well, with the exception of the barrette!) I'm hoping that I packed the jewelry box in with my old dress-ups when we moved a few years ago, because there are a few specific pieces I can't get out of my head that I'd love to wear!


  1. oh how fun to get hand-me-downs from stylish grandma! I can't wait to see the dress :)

  2. These are gorgeous! I looove getting little vintage gifts from my grandmas...the hold so much sentimental value in addition to being amazing wardrobe pieces!

    I just wanted to let you know how amazingly inspirational you are. I was just over on your other blog, and I could not stop reading! Both the fashion blogging and medical patient worlds need someone so determined and real like you in it! Congratulations on getting your port out....that is amazing news! I remember you commenting on how sickness can sometimes interfere with blogging and outfit posts on your blog recently....I am right there with you! Obviously to a much lesser extent, but I had a hip reconstruction on my right hip (the left one comes next year) about a month ago, and after a long hospital stay and much complication, I still have two months until I can walk and work again! Most days I stay in sweats, so my outfit posts have been few and far between! On days I do get dressed, I do the same one-legged pose! Blogging has kept me busy, and been such an inspiration.

    Well, congrats on how far you have come, and how wonderful you are doing! I am certain that you have inspired more people than you will ever know!