Thursday, December 17, 2009

Grandma's Goodies (pt 2)

So a little later than promised, here are the pictures of the BEAUTIFUL dress my Grandma sent me back in May. It's completely handmade by my Great-Grandmother, including the embroidery. The belt is alligator skin (alligator - not crocodile... is that even legal anymore?) and was included in the package. I don't know if Grandma wore the belt with the dress, but I thought it was a perfect combination!

These photos were taken pretty soon post-surgery (you can see my glued-together incision pretty clearly) and obviously pre-hair loss. Looking at these makes me want my hair back even more! I hope it comes back in red, but if not I guess there's always the bottle...

embroidery details - all hand done by Great-Grandma! I wish I had that skill...


  1. What a gorgeous dress! I love the full skirt & embroidery.

  2. Wow, Lauren, that dress is exquisite! The color on you with your fair porcelain complexion is just absolutely perfect. And your red hair is gorgeous... great curls and body! I'm sure whatever shade it decides to be when it grows back, it will look fantastic :)

  3. That dress is a beauty! And all the more special as it was passed down to you and even made by your great grandmother!!! I can't get over how perfect it is on you!

  4. You are stunning and the dress is incredible!