Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Covet List pt. 5

I am so loving animal inspired jewelry right now, and for Christmas I would love nothing more than a fantastic cocktail ring adorned with some sort of bejeweled exotic cat. The three photos below are all awesome examples I've found through Etsy (though I wish the second one was a little more clear - it looks gorgeous!)

I found this one a few weeks ago and, regrettably, forgot to copy down the seller's name... When I went back and did another search tonight, it was nowhere to be found. I'm assuming such an awesome piece was sold pretty quickly... I love the "diamond" accents on the fur and the "emerald" eyes. Sweeeeet...

However, my less-than-successful attempt to give credit to the seller of this ring did lead me to a couple more beautiful rings:

This piece is sold by ChezVous and is a vintage piece from the 80's - loving the 80's right now (who would have ever thought that I'd be craving a blazer with shoulderpads??? that's for another day...) It reminds me of the jewelry they would display at dig museums when I visited a few archaeological sites during my summer in Tuscany - Roman-era rings were very similar!

Finally, my absolute FAVORITE piece - a handmade knuckle duster by Fleathers... agh I even have the perfect outfit to wear this with. It would also be a perfect addition to a "Modern Dorothy" look - Lions, Tigers, and Bears indeed!


  1. ahh i used to visit your blog all the time, idk why i stopped. now following :)
    those are gorgeous rings. i want those knuckle dusters!

  2. That last ring makes me think of my gold belt that you love! I'm FINALLY sort of able to wear it!! lol