Monday, March 1, 2010

Nail Experiment

I had a really awful afternoon - I totally blanked out on a French exam and I'm pretty sure I did NOT do well. My stress-reliever? Baking. I made a whole bunch of zucchini bread, some with chocolate chips & some without... It's SO GOOD but I'm trying to give it away now - I really don't need this much zucchini bread...

I also decided to try something new on my nails. I always have to have polish on them since I used to bite them like nobody's business, but I always try to mix it up a little.

The left hand looks fantastic since I have a really steady right hand, but I still have a little bit of a tremor in my left hand so the right nails are less professional looking. Not a complete mess, but just not as even... Still contemplating whether or not it just looks like I have a lot of dirt under my nails...

what do you think?

nail polish: Sinful Colors in 'What's Your Name" - black with green sparkles

I love this brand because it's only $1 a bottle and my drugstore stocks about 40 different colors... whenever I need a pick-me-up, I grab a new bottle!


  1. I think the nails look good! Also, zucchini bread? That sounds unusual, what exactly is it?

  2. I love zucchini bread! Can I come steal a slice -_^?