Friday, March 5, 2010

More Relaxing

So, okay, I know I just wore this t-shirt the other day, but I have SERIOUSLY been freaking out lately, so it's only appropriate. Like... I went to visit a friend the other night & I'm pretty sure I totally wigged him out because I was so twitchy...

Anyway, today I had a meeting with one of my professors about the orchestra piece I've been working on for a class project, and then a piano lesson. I didn't sleep a whole lot last night, so I just kind of threw on the first few things I could find. You can tell by my hair that I've been a little disheveled all day. Also totally love my Barbie mug.

T-Shirt: Target
Skirt: H&M
Tights: Express
Mug: Thrifted in small-town PA


  1. I have the same shirt! I love how classy you made it look. I actually had trouble doing that which is why I haven't worn it in so long. Totally awesome though, and thanks for the comment, we can't wait to have you visit us at Chicken! We're gonna be doing tons of cool events and stuff this summer. Get ready- Northside is about to blow the fuck up!